Maple Ridge Construction is a relatively young company with years of experience.  We have been in operation since 2006, building custom homes and creating high end renovations.

The focus of Maple Ridge Construction is quality, energy efficiency and low maintenance.  We want the client to be proud and comfortable in their new home without the burden of high maintenance.  We also believe that the customer should get what they want.

The primary key to energy efficiency is paying attention to detail with a home's envelope (the barrier to the outside elements).  The fewer the openings, the tighter the seal and the better the insulation package, the less climate controlled air can escape, and therefore the less outside air that has to be heated or cooled.  The secondary key is to assure that a high efficiency heating and cooling system is used, reducing fuel usage and overall energy consumption.
Having installed radiant heat systems, solar hot water systems and geo-thermal heat units, we have the experience to meet the customer’s needs.  This, along with attractive designs and a quality finish, create a final product that can be enjoyed for years, both with care for the environment and a low level of maintenance.
While Maple Ridge Construction is a young company, I have personally been in construction for over ten years and have experience in building homes from $125,000 to $1,500,000.  The sub-contractors we use also have extensive experience and are top providers in their trades.  This combination provides a team which can meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.  Maple Ridge Construction would appreciate the opportunity to provide you service.